“ It was obvious that P&L knew their way around a courtroom.    Joe made the entire experience easy.    The para-legals were always calling for information.      Spent a lot of time preparing me to testify.   He was  very hands on.    I was very happy with my result.   I would recommend them to everyone.”

Ryan M.

“I knew I had a tough case.    The lawyers did not hold back.    They gave me the good and the bad news about my case.      Joe knew my case inside and out.     It also seemed that everyone in the courthouse respected Joe. I found it to be a positive experience and P&L obtained a great recovery for me.”

Charles S.

“I went to another lawyer who promised me the world.   I left after 6 months and hired P&L.    They explained everything to me in simple terms.    I received return phone calls from them.      Their staff was excellent and extremely knowledgeable.      I did not feel they were telling me things just to keep my case.     If I had another case, P&L would be my first call”.

Tara A.

“I tripped and fell on a defective sidewalk and hurt my shoulder.     The lawyer told me to meet him at the accident location.    When I arrived, there was an expert testing the location for defects.    They had a great investigator who found witnesses to my accident which made the case.    The lawyers felt more like my friend then my attorney.  Even when my case is over,  I still call the attorney and ask him for advice.   I love those guys”.

Alex C

“ After my accident, I found P&L’s phone number in the yellow pages.    I made an appointment with Joe   Their office was beautiful.    Everyone in the office treated me with such professionalism.     I left that first appointment feeling confident.    I received a great result and Joe made a horrible experience much easier.   I would recommend P&L  to all accident victims”.

Michael C.

“I never needed a lawyer before my accident.   Someone told me to check P&L out.    What I liked about them was their experience.    They did not seem to be just out of  law school.       When we went to court, Joe was like a pit-bull.   I loved it.     My case settled just before Joe picked a jury.     P&L  took on a hard case and it was not the biggest case in the courthouse.  However, they worked tirelessly to bring about a good result.  I was happy I hired P&L.”

Thomas C.

“When I was involved in an accident, my life was changed forever. I was almost killed by the negligence of a truck driver who as not paying attention to his driving.   I spent almost two months in a coma and suffered a serious brain injury.   At the time of my accident, I had a successful small business and I employed many people.  Due to the serious nature of my injuries.  I had to close my business and I can no longer work. Someone who my wife worked with recommended a lawyer to us.  I had never heard of him and I made the terrible mistake of entrusting my family’s security to him.    He lied to me and to my family.   He dragged his feet and although he had my case for two years; there were no settlement offers.   NOT A NICKEL HAD BEEN OFFERED. Thank God a good friend told me about the Lawyers at  Petrizzo & Longo.   From Day 1, I felt like family.  I was treated with dignity and respect.  They told me, “Don’t worry.  You take care of your family and I will take care of your case”.    The attorneys had my case for a matter of months and they readied it for trial.   they said, “ If they won’t pay us a good settlement, then we will see them in court.”     Well, it never got that far . . .  My case settled for 5 million dollars without having to go to trial.   I was victimized by the negligence of a truck driver and I was manipulated by an inexperienced and unscrupulous lawyer.  If you have a question or if you have a case,   the lawyers at  Petrizzo & Longo should be your “go-to” attorneys.  Simply stated, they are the best.   They are no nonsense professionals who delivered for me and for my family.  Take it from me, put them to work for you.”

Joe L

“My husband was taken from us in an instant.   At the time, we had two young boys who adored their father.   In fact, one of them was in the car with him when the truck driver turned in front of them.   My husband was killed on that fateful day God spared our son.  I didn’t know where to turn nor what to do. Thankfully, someone from my husband’s union told me about Petrizzo & Longo.    They came to see us immediately and they were kind and thoughtful.   They handled our family and our case with dignity and professionalism.    The staff was there for us from the beginning and they have been there for us ever since.   The attorneys always had the time to talk to me about our case and theyt were diligent about keeping us up to date.   We were treated like people and not like one of a thousand. . .     I knew from the beginning that we were in good hands.   We spoke with lawyers at the firm whenever we had questions.     Although it was a complicated case and it involved the death of my husband, P&L made our family a priority.   In a very short period of time, P&L was able to force the insurance company to pay us substantial damages for the loss of my husband.   Although there is no amount of money that can bring him back, what P&L did for us was truly remarkable.   P&L are kind and caring.    If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, call the lawyers at Petrizzo & Longo.”

Sarah S.