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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly three million non-fatal injuries or illnesses were reported by private employers in 2014. Because the vast majority of these firms carry workers’ compensation insurance, employees rarely question whether or not they can sue for damages. In fact, most simply assume that the only recompense they can receive must come from insurance. While that general rule applies to many circumstances, there are several notable exceptions.

When Can You Sue?

The most common reason employees sue over a workplace illness or injury is that their bosses don’t carry workers’ compensation insurance. In this instance, a worker may be able to seek damages in civil court or collect money from a state fund. A worker may also sue when injured because of the intentional actions of management or unsafe policies. When injured by a defective product or toxic chemical, employees may have the right to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of those products and substances. Last but not least, workers may be able to sue a third party, such as another employee, if their negligence or misconduct caused them harm.

Why You Should Consider Suing

Even though it provides money and benefits, workers’ compensation payments tend to be quite low. Whether you have suffered a temporary or permanent illness or injury, disability benefits are designed to cover basic expenses. They will not, for example, compensate you for pain and suffering. Workers’ compensation also prevents employees from receiving punitive damages, no matter the injury. That is why Petrizzo & Longo encourages injured workers to explore their legal options before they accept an insurance settlement. Taking a case outside of the workers’ compensation system may help the injured party better provide for himself and his family in the future.

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