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Joseph P. Petrizzo  – Partner


Orange County, NY Car Accidents Lawyer Joseph Petrizzo Photo - DeProspo, Petrizzo & LongoJoseph Petrizzo graduated from Temple University School of Law located in Philadelphia, Penn in 1983. He was admitted to practice law in New York State  in 1984 and began his legal career with the Bronx District Attorney’s Office as a trial lawyer.   He has been a trial lawyer for 33 years. Mr. Petrizzo rose within the District Attorney’s Office to prosecuting minor felony cases to being a member of the Major Offense Bureau and finally a member of the elite Homicide Bureau.      His early career spent practicing in New York City led him to the Hudson Valley in 1989.

Joseph Petrizzo is a founding member of the law firm  Petrizzo & Longo.  P&L was started in 1996 and has grown in prestige over the years. Accident victims have always had  a special place in Mr. Petrizzo’s heart. Since leaving the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, he has represented only accident victims. This desire to represent accident victims comes from his early professional years representing victims of crimes as an Assistant District Attorney.

Joseph Petrizzo has handled some of the most substantial and complex products liability, construction accident cases and automobile accident  cases in the Hudson Valley.   He has handled each and every aspect of these matters from the initial interview, investigatory stage, through legal pleadings and depositions, to trial verdicts in the New York State Supreme Court and the New York State Court of Claims. All of these cases have been concluded with substantial recoveries for P&L clients, many of them have been for millions of dollars.

Mr. Petrizzo’s utilization of renowned experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, economics and medicine have enabled him to produce unparalleled results for P&L clients who have suffered serious injuries or death. Mr. Petrizzo insists that all of  P&L cases are handled like they were big cases.   Mr. Petrizzo believes that all P&L Clients be treated professionally and personally regardless of the type of injuries suffered. Mr. Petrizzo is a member of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers and American Association for Justice, also known as, The Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Laurel A. Longo – Partner


Personal Injury Attorney Orange County, NY Laurel Longo Photo - DeProspo, Petrizzo & LongoLaurel A. Longo was admitted to practice law in the State of New York in 1985. Ms. Longo is both an accomplished medical malpractice lawyer and an experienced Registered Nurse. The combination of these two critically important professions makes her uniquely qualified to investigate the malpractice of those in the medical profession. Many firms who handle personal injury cases are forced to rely on the opinions of outside help.

At P&L, Ms. Longo has spent years developing some of the most difficult and interesting cases in this area. Ms. Longo has proven time and time again that both her years of experience as an attorney and as a Registered Nurse are essential to a complete understanding of not only the medical malpractice field but the personal injury field in general. The combination of these two disciplines has also proven to be an important asset to P&L in its preparation of all negligence cases.

Ms. Longo is responsible for the review and summarization of the medical records,  medical treatment and medical management of clients for all the firm’s negligence cases.     Her initial review of these cases at P&L has enabled its lawyers to spot the weakness in a case at the earliest possible time.      Laurel A. Longo also serves as medical review and support to P&L’s team of accomplished trial lawyers.     Her work is an invaluable tool to the success of winning our cases.    Ms. Longo is a member of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association.

Karen Foster  -   Senior Paralegal


Legal Advice In Orange County, NY Paralegal Foster Photo - DeProspo, Petrizzo & LongoKaren joined the firm in 2004 as a paralegal. She has a degree in paralegal Studies along with over 25 years of personal injury legal experience. Karen is responsible for drafting pleadings, legal research,  discovery responses and discovery demands. She also handles communication and exchange of information/documentation with the different insurance carriers. Karen is a main contact person for client information and updates.